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We make the world sound better....


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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of customized acoustical products for architectural , industrial as well as a commercial for the purpose of acoustic treatment.


We deal in all types of acoustical products like for commercial, Acoustic Hanging Baffles/Clouds, Acoustic ceiling panels, Fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels. And in the industrial sector, we deal with Noise barrier, wooden/Glass sliding Partition, Anechoic chamber, Acoustic room.


Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Products

Acoiustic Panels

Acoustic Wooden Panels

Acoustic Wooden Panel is a kind of slit resonance absorption material which is made from high density panel with grooves on the surface and perforated holes at the back side. It is made of high quality MDF Board and has outstanding environmental, Flame retardant and waterproof functions.


Acoustic Foam Panels

Available in any required size, thickness, Grey ,Black or Any  color .
Shapes: Wedges, Pyramid, Sonex, Cylindrical, Waves, Sheets in any required size.
  Acoustic treatment in Auditorium,  Conference Room, Banquet Hall , Library,  Recording Rooms etc.

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Acoustic Baffles / Clouds

Leading Acoustic hanging Clouds Manufacturer – Hanging Acoustic Panels, Hanging Clouds Baffles, Suspended ceiling clouds/ Panels, Sound absorbing clouds in UAE , Oman , Saudi Arabia , Qatar . They can be suspended from the ceiling / truss as vertical baffles.


Industrial Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic Enclosure
Room Acoustic Treatment
Anechoic Chambers / NVH Test Chambers
Engine / Dyno Test Cell Acoustic
Sound Attenuators
Industrial Noise Control

Fabric wall cinema.jpg

Acoustic Fabric Panel

Leading provider of acoustic panels, stretched fabric panels,  and other specialties for acoustic remediation.

A stretched-fabric system, also known as a track-based system, has three essential components: a mounting frame, backing, and fabric covering


SoundProof Wall / Doors

Silent WALL

Acoustic performance -Rw 76 – 79dB
STC 76 – 81dB

Fire performance -Up to 180 mins

 Acoustic Door
Air Tight Door
Acoustic Fire Door
Blast Resistance Doors

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